Energy Efficient Home Design

Since 1999 Mandalay Homes has been building beautiful homes with a strong commitment to quality construction and environmental responsibility. We’ve received several awards and honors for energy efficient home design, indoor air quality, and innovative construction practices.

Mandalay homes are designed to be more durable, more efficient, and healthier for you and your family. So that you have a few less things to worry about and a few more dollars in your pocket each month. So you can have a smaller environmental impact without a huge impact on your daily life. We believe your home should support your peace of mind, not add to your worries. That’s why we put so much into the houses we build.

You can read more about how we do this on our Green Building and Performance Upgrade pages.

Mandalay Homes' Mission

Dave Everson, owner of Mandalay Homes, is a third generation home builder with 28 years of construction experience. Under his guidance Mandalay Homes has been building quality homes with better-than-code standards since 1999. In 2012 Dave began to focus on Green Home Construction.

While working on affordable housing renovations for The City of Phoenix, Mandalay Homes was asked to turn theGordon Estates community into a model of energy efficiency. Dave was skeptical at first but ultimately embraced the challenge. Since then Mandalay has been awarded the DOE Housing Innovation Award for Energy Efficiency (2013), the DOE Production Builder Award (2014 & 2015), and the EPA airPLUS Leader Award (2015) for indoor air quality. Mandalay Homes is the first home builder to receive both the DOE and EPA awards.

As a Department of Energy ZERO Energy Ready Home builder, Mandalay Homes has its sights on becoming the first U.S. production home builder to meet the stringent qualifications of the U.S. Passive House certification.

“Identifying a home’s Performance through the use of an Energy Rating system is the new standard in home building. Soon, all home builders will be chasing the best of the industries home builders in the pursuit of lower and lower HERS (Home Energy Rating System) scores. Leading the way in marketing this new Reality is publicly traded Meritage Homes. Meritage took the path of Home Performance education several years ago with great results. All of their homes throughout the country have the HERS score right on their floor plans. Congratulations to Meritage Homes for being an industry leader!”

Honors & Certifications

2016 U.S. DOE Housing Innovation Award

Grand Winner in the Production Builders category and the award for Most Homes Certified.

2016 ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award in recognition of its continued commitment to providing our nation’s homebuyers with ENERGY STAR certified homes.

2015 U.S. DOE Award: Most Homes Certified

For building 48 homes in 2015 that meet the rigorous Energy Department Zero Energy Ready Home specifications.

2015 EPA airPLUS Leader Award

For outstanding commitment to improved indoor air quality in every home built.

2014 U.S. DOE Production Builder Award

Winner of the U.S. DOE Housing Innovation Award in the Production Builder category for achieving a HERS score of 48 without a solar system.

2013 U.S. DOE Housing Innovation Award

Grand Winner in the Affordable Builders category for scoring HERS 58 without a solar system.